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Shipping headache?
Ship smarter.

Integrated workflow, optimized routes, instant savings!

It's a snap!

Integrate your online store or marketplace in seconds, manage inventory and shipments in real-time, and track your orders on one dashboard.

Just click, print and snap the label on your package and off it goes!

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"Shipping has never been so easy."
-Charlotte Posner, Posner Artist
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Why Fetchy?

Free Solution (really!)

Fetchy is the only free shipping software with no subscription fee and no minimum contracts. Simply log in and ship as many parcels as you like. Fetchy works for you, and not the other way around.

Simple Integration

Integrate your online store in seconds! Seamless integration with eBay, Wix, Shopify, Etsy (and many more) or simply upload a CSV file so you can manage your inventory and shipments on one dashboard. Never miss a shipment again!

Automated Labels

Once you have created a shipment, selected a courier, and booked a pick-up, Fetchy generates the label for you to print, stick on your order and give to the courier.


Fetchy has partnered with multiple local and international couriers including DHL, UPS, TNT, UK Mail and more. Now you can select the best solution for your business without having to negotiate your own account with each courier service.

Negotiated Rates

Fetchy has negotiated the best possible rates and services for our clients so you can benefit from a more comfortable shipping practice. Door-to-door strategies and “Pooled Pricing” are just two examples of how Fetchy empowers your delivery strategy.


We make sure that you stay on top of your cash flow with a convenient and flexible pay-as-you-go structure that fits your business demand. Fetchy's platform is perfect for small to large businesses. Never worry about shipping costs again!

Customer Success

Fetchy customers have a dedicated account manager who oversees all of your shipments. We're always there for you, sharing our expertise in understanding the optimisation of eCommerce practice.


Understand everything you need to know about your shipment by tracking it with the click of a button. Offer the best possible service to your customers with up to date tracking of your shipments.

Make shipping work for you.

See how Fetchy affects your bottom line.

Life for our Fetchy clients

Sharon Gendelman
Sharon Gendelman
Shuzi Jewelry

"My life has become much more comfortable after I started using "Fetchy" services and my customers get their packages quickly to the business close to their home/to their door - which makes them very satisfied. Highly recommend for small to large businesses."

Meir Shtrakman
Logistics at Eybna Technologies

"Ever since I have started working with Fetchy, I suddenly have time for projects I didn't imagine I would get to. I feel like my whole day at work has become twice as effective. Fetchy has saved our company time, money and dealing with unnecessary bureaucracy while providing personal and devoted service."

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