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By connecting your Magento store to Fetchy, you will have the ability to create your shipping labels directly within the Fetchy dashboard. See below how to connect your Magento store to Fetchy:

Did you know? When you create a shipping label for a Magento order in Fetchy, Fetchy will automatically update Magento with the shipment tracking number and mark the order fulfilled in Magento.
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You can enable /disable This option in the settings.

1. Log into your Magento account

Magento login

2. Click on Systems and then Integrations in the left navigation panel

Magento Integrations

3. Click on the “add new integration” box

New integration

4. Enter “Fetchy” in the name field and your password

Name field and password

5. Click on the “API” sector

API sector

6. Check 3 boxes- Sales, Catalog and Stores


7. Click on the “Save” button

Save buttonThis integration 'Fetchy' has been saved

8. Click on the “Activate” button

Activate button

9. Click on the “Allow” button

Allow button

10. Copy the “Access Token” and click on the “Done” button

Access Token

11. Log into your Fetchy account

Fetchy Login

12. Click on Settings and then Integrations in the left navigation panel

Fetchy account Integrations

13. Click on Magento Box

Fetchy account Integrations - Magento marked

14. Paste the “Access Token” in, insert your Magento store’s URL and press the “connect” button

Access TokenMagento store’s URL

15. Enable the Magento stores you would like to connect

Enable the Magento stores

16. Your Magento orders will automatically import to the Fetchy shipment page and will be noted by a “Magento” icon

Once your Magento store is  connected and your orders begin importing, the Magento /Fetchy integration will allow you to create and purchase shipping labels for your Magento orders right from the Fetchy shipments Page. Fetchy will mark your orders as fulfilled in Magento and add the tracking number for your label to your Magento order. You can also send shipment notification emails to your customers through Magento or Fetchy.


the dialogue that appears at this point asking you if you want to import existing orders. If you agree it will import recent orders your already have in the Shopify store, if not it will only import orders from this moment onwards.

Goodbye, shipping stress.

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