10 Shipping Tips for New E-Commerce Stores

September 9, 2020
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You’re finally about to open your new e-commerce store. You’ve written your website content, finished manufacturing your products, hired a photographer and so much more. Before launching your site there’s one more critical thing to think about: shipping! 

Shipping is a crucial part of your customer’s shopping experience. Here at Fetchy we’ve put together 10 tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

1. Packaging

Your packaging says tons about your brand. Who are you? What message are you trying to send to your customer? Be sure to spice up your packaging with a custom mailer, stickers or anything else that can bring a bit of personality to your package.

2. Add a personal touch

Add a note inside your package thanking your customer for their purchase (handwritten is best)! Your customer will appreciate the small gesture. 

3. Size matters

Most shipping companies charge according to the size and weight of your package. Keep your packaging as compact and light as possible to minimise charges.

4. Be transparent with your shipping prices from the get-go

The number one reason people abandon their shopping carts is unexpected fees at checkout! Be clear from the beginning what the shipping costs are (if any) so that there will be no surprises when your customer gets to checkout. 

Reasons for abandonments during checkout

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5. Consider free shipping

Free shipping is becoming the standard on many large e-commerce sites. Think about yourself, do you like to pay for shipping? As a new e-commerce site you may be nervous about the costs involved in covering shipping yourself. Our tip is to calculate the shipping cost within your product cost so you won’t lose out. People will often even spend more on your site to qualify for free shipping.

6. Offer fast shipping

We all know what it feels like to wait until the last minute to order a gift or something for an upcoming trip. Make sure your shipping is fast or offer an option to upgrade for quick shipping. If you’re servicing a local market, offering a free pick-up option is great for both you and your customer.

7. Do your research!

There are tons of shipping options out there. Door-to-door delivery services, pick-up spots, regular mail and more are available. At Fetchy, we’ve made this job easy for you. We’ve negotiated the best deals with all of the leading shipping companies. All you have to do is login, enter the shipping details and we’ll do the rest!

8. Offer easy tracking options

Many customers want to track their packages and have a clear idea when they’ll arrive. Provide a tracking number as soon as you send the package.

9. Have a clear return policy

Make it clear to customers what will happen if they want to return the product(s) they ordered. Who will pay for return shipping? Will they get a full refund including shipping costs?

10. Customer service, customer service, customer service!

Make sure your customers can get in touch easily to get info about their orders, where they are and to report any issues.

Shipping can seem overwhelming at first, we know! But with these 10 tips you’ll be sure to provide your customers with a great experience. Happy shipping!

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