3 Ways to Offer Free Shipping to Your Customers

Sarah Fedida
Fetchy Digital Manager. Always here to share with you the best infos
September 9, 2020
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An eCommerce business owner can do everything right; they can produce the highest quality products at the best prices and offer the most professional customer support but without free shipping customers will still be unlikely to actually purchase products. That is why it is essential that online sellers use a shipping solution, like Fetchy, to manage this crucial aspect of their business.

9 out of 10 people said that free shipping was their main incentive to shop online; 61% of online shoppers expect to receive free shipping on purchases less than $50, with 47% saying that they are likely to turn down a product if they don’t get free shipping. Meanwhile, 31% of consumers wait until free shipping is available before making a purchase. 

It’s hardly surprising that the early success of Amazon was built around offering free shipping, which led to the creation – and success – of Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, not everyone can run a program such as Amazon Prime. The good news is that there are some unique things you can do to offer free shipping to consumers without destroying your own profits. Here are 3 ways to offer free shipping to your consumers. 

Purchase Value Thresholds 

As a new business starting to experiment with free shipping, a free shipping threshold is the best place to begin. This means giving customers free shipping for their purchases if they spend a certain amount. It’s best to choose a threshold just above the average purchase value. If a customer spends an average of $20 with you, then offer free shipping for people that spend $25 or $30 to encourage them to spend more. It helps you to make more sales while also saving on packaging by shipping several products into one box. It’s been shown that around half of people will buy a little extra to get free shipping, so this method does work. 

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Featured Products 

Another thing to try is linking certain products with the free shipping offer. Let’s say you sell beauty products, offer your customer free shipping if they buy a particular product, such as lipstick. This helps you to get rid of your excess stock and free up space for new products, or get those new products in front of customers. You should choose a product that ships for a low cost or can be included in the packaging for other products. Small beauty items are great for this, as are t-shirts and non-perishable foods. 

Rewards Programs 

Free shipping can be used to incentivize loyal customers to keep coming back. Tell customers that members can get special perks, including free shipping promo codes. Add those customers to a special email list to drive them back to the site to make more purchases. Also consider including a promo code for free shipping in the tracking information you send customers after they make a purchase. Reward programs help to foster a stronger relationship with customers that lets you increase your ROI while covering shipping costs. 


It can be daunting to offer free shipping without breaking the bank. Experiment with different kinds of free shipping promotions to make sure that your business is still profitable while meeting the biggest – and most important – consumer demand. 


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