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Sarah Fedida
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September 9, 2020
e-commerce shipping, Shipping Costs, How to reduce the shipping costs for small businesses, Automation shipping tool

We live in the so-called era of immediacy, if you are a new entrepreneur, the first thing you should know is that every user wants to save time, money and make a safe purchase. Do you want to succeed in the e-commerce shipping? Find out below how to achieve it.

Although accessing the network through mobile devices is a great opportunity to increase in sales, it can be a double-edged sword if the store does not have an automated shipping tool that suits every client's needs.

One of the secrets to being a successful trader is to put oneself in each others position, the user. When it comes to e-commerce, the strategies are constantly changing, they keep pace with technology, so it is necessary to plan a delivery strategy that meets the purchaser's expectations‍

Currently, on the web we get an infinity of companies that, although offering the most attractive services, are doomed to failure. The reason: Shipping costs are not profitable.

Spain what is this data? Too vague, please provide statistics. agree that the way in which deliveries are made, are a highly considered element of the consumer. This issue is crucial when deciding to whom to buy or not.

If you thought that it was only about offering a product and getting the payment of the purchase, you are wrong. Successful companies are those that go further, that do not take a rest until the delivery is made. In this way, we work in order to guarantee the total purchaser's satisfaction. This is extended on three phrases: Good reputation, recommendation, and repeating purchase.

Besides, it is also important to know that the e-commerce shipping, It is not only about delivering orders in an extremely short period of time, but having a wide range of opportunities to meet the purchaser's particular needs. It is useless to receive a package almost immediately, if the goods arrive in poor

conditions or do not meet the client's expectations. Take into account that every purchaser has his preferences.

However, they are a possible challenge to achieve.

The experts in online sales have come to conclude that, at the time of shopping, users are drawn to companies that offer more and better delivery options.

In this sense, it is vital to admit a reality: Companies must go hand in hand with new technologies, so they will be able to constantly improve their service and get maximum customer satisfaction.

The number of buyers who favor online shopping are increasing, therefore great and constant challenges in logistics for the shipping of e-commerce are generated. The most successful companies at present are those characterized by the speed of delivery, greater flexibility to the customer in the delivery and more days for it.

Currently, there are even some bolder companies that have taken on the challenge of making immediate deliveries. They are also known as

"Urgent transport", which also have very reasonable and attractive prices for their customers.

Shipping Costs

It is important to highlight that there must be a balance between the value of the product and the cost of delivery. Many people used to "abandon the cart", when they realize that the transfer of their order is similar or even exceeds the cost of the product.

It is not a secret that the more urgent the delivery is, the higher its cost, but this reality cannot be abused. Part of the strategy is to achieve a fast delivery at the best market price.

If you do not want that your company fall into oblivion because of the relentless rise of technology, it is important to consider an adequate shipping tool automation. Thus, many companies have had to extend their days of attention to the public, offering night deliveries and even on weekends and holidays.

If you are interested in improving trust in electronic commerce, you should consider the shipping costs. That is why a logistic strategy is decisive, especially when dealing with heavy or bulky goods that occupy a lot of space.

Another point of concern for entrepreneurs is to reduce shipping costs for small businessesinorder to become proficient in the market.

To have an online business that is handled without mishap, it is necessary to consider the following solutions:

The strategy of shipping costs for your online store may be sabotaging your sales. In this case, the perfect balance must be achieved so that the client benefits and it be profitable for your business at the same time.

Some options are:

  1. Free shipping: it is a safer way to get the attention of your customers, this option is profitable for companies that offer light goods and that occupy little space.
  1. Shipping costs by weight: It allows the client to trust because he will pay what the balance marks, neither more nor less.
  1. Implement a fixed price for all purchases.
  1. Shipping costs by an amount: This is one of the favorite customers' options   on the web.

It is important to bear in mind that every company must carefully assess each of the options previously mentioned. Do not take it lightly, make a thoughtful decision. The idea is to encourage sales in an attractive way without having lost profits in your business.

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Flexibility in shipping e-commerce

As previously mentioned, every client has different needs, so there must be a wide range of options for delivery. At this point, flexibility is a fundamental part of the purchase to be concreted, and gotten a happy ending.

For e-commerce shipping a wide range of possibilities must be offered, so that the purchaser adapts the delivery form that best suits him. This delivery form does not only meet his particular needs, but also his lifestyle.

Automation shipping tool:

Another very important aspect to get excellent results in internet sales is the customer service. A quality customer service will have an impact on the success or failure of the purchase. Starting from this idea, companies of Shipping of electronic commerce have modern web platforms to indicate in real time the status of the purchase - sale process. Some of them allow us to know in advance the time slot in which the delivery will be specified. In some cases, this information is received by email or text messages.

With this Automation shipping tool, the recipient will also be able to make some changes in the delivery if it is difficult to receive the package for some reason. Among the attractive options we have: To put off

the delivery date, add an alternative address or pick up the package in an office of the shipping agency.

Automation is the best alternative for this type of business, with this tool costs are reduced, errors are avoided and time is saved.

Automated attention ranges from self-responding emails with automatic solutions for errors that may occur during the purchase.

With a proper e-commerce software you can get the following:

  • Customer lists
  • Invoicing
  • Issue date
  • Master data products
  • Orders
  • Stationery (orders, invoices, etc.)

End of waiting!

Home delivery option is ideal for some people, but not for others. For those purchasers who think that waiting for a package at home is a torture, another shipping tool is to withdraw the package at offices. In whichever of the cases, remember that the most important is to guarantee theimmediacy,safety, time saving, and comfort for the consumer.

What to do when the e-commerce shipping should it be returned?

Every big or small company must be efficient at the time of ordering, delivering and even when initiating a return process. In the last case, the client must receive timely attention with solutions that make the process as simple as possible.

It is important to highlight that depending on the company and the products that are offered, the shipping policies must be clearly defined, and the purchaser must know them beforehand. Knowing "the rules of the game", will create a climate of trust with the client and will provide the basis for the avoidance of conflicts that may arise.

The experience of some experts in this type of sales states that a large number of customers tend to give up their purchase because of not having the free return service. Mistrust is present when thinking about having to pay a very high cost for reshipment fees.

The customer must be clear from the beginning about what product can be returned and which one cannot. It can also have the option to change the

product in the case of wrong sizes or when an error has arisen because of wrong colors or models.

The most important thing is that the store does not lose the sale, the client, or the reputation. In this sense, the exchange option can be evaluated depending on the type of product. That is, the unsatisfied customer has the option to change the product for which he really needs or meets his expectations.

Do not forget: The shipping and return policy is a fundamental piece for the growth and positioning of your business.

The packaging: A fundamental piece.

Online companies should not overlook the need for their merchandise to arrive in good conditions, this is where the packaging process plays an extremely important role. Thus, goods must be protected either with polypropylene, bubble wrap, cardboard or cork, to mention a few. The boxes must be properly sealed.

How to reduce the shipping costs for small businesses?

  1. Implement competitive rates
  2. Contact local suppliers
  3. Make sure customers pay for the right weight
  4. Verify the shipping company to be reliable
  5. Define payment rules depending on the urgency of the shipment
  6. Make clear extra charges
  7. Look for discounts in different shipping companies
  8. Keep organized the price tab, delivery schedules and cost per distance.


Due to access to the internet, It is increasing the number of people who daily take part to make a purchase on the web. It is thank to smart phones that purchase intentions are not limited to office hours. Customers can place their orders from any place and at any time.

In this sense, those who have bet on the success of online stores should take the necessary precautions so that technology does not exceed them.

Starting from this idea, it is important to delimit the shipping costs so that these do not stop being attractive and meeting the needs of the purchaser: Saving time, money and receiving a product in good conditions.

The quality of the product is important, that is why strict security measures must be taken so that packages arrive in perfect condition.

Many companies strive to serve the customer, comply at all costs with delivery in record time, but neglect the product, and at the time of delivery, there is a great disappointment because the item is damaged, dirty or messy. The first impression counts.

Remember that there must be a balance between the value of the product and the shipping, This is crucial to make the purchase or not.

If what you want to have a successful online business, you should consider that thee-commerce shipping Comes to be a process that offers a wide range of alternatives for each user. Besides, making clear all shipping policies from the beginning. These measures will avoid the unforeseen events that warrant a return of the product. If an unforeseen event happens will not be considered as a surprise thus there will be a defined action plan.

Copywriting: Elisa Rojas

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