E-commerce Sellers: Go Global, Play Domestic!

Sarah Fedida
Fetchy Digital Manager. Always here to share with you the best infos
September 9, 2020
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Play Domestic!

It’s hardly surprising that ecommerce has become the shopping method of choice for over half of Americans. It continues to grow on the global market as well, with an expected $4 trillion in sales predicted by 2020. The main area of growth for ecommerce itself has been cross-border shopping and if you don’t get on board a shipping solution, like Fetchy, that can allow this, you may fall by the wayside. It’s expected that cross-border retail will grow an average of 25% annually until 2020. The reason for this growth is no doubt how technology has improved to create a seamless user experience. 

Anyone Can Join In

These days, just about anyone with a computer can get started selling products to targeted consumers. Growth across every major marketplace – Amazon, eBay, etc. – and shop builders – Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. – have made it super simple for any kind of seller to consider using ecommerce. Payment systems such as electronic payments and online payment processes have also boosted ecommerce. Those advancements laid the foundation for ecommerce sellers to go global while still playing domestic. 

Focusing on Domestic Sales Leaves You Missing Out 

With the almost endless opportunities for global expansion – particularly for cross-border sales – focusing on domestic sales means that you’re missing out. US ecommerce sellers in particular miss out on the chance to grow, boost their revenue, and build a customer base by keeping it domestic. 

Worldwide Shipping is the Final Barrier to Going Global 

While selling products globally offers the chance for limitless growth, the shipping and delivery systems to support selling things globally is something of an untamed frontier. Sellers aren’t confident that their products will reach their customers on time and in good condition. Worldwide shipping can be complex. It’s up to sellers to navigate the world of taxes/duties, international regulations, potentially high shipping costs, and a lack of transparency. 

Worldwide shipping can be time consuming, expensive (sellers might not know the total cost of shipping something until it has been delivered) and confusing for ecommerce customers. You must have a solid solution for worldwide shipping in place to avoid damage to your reputation and losing customers. 

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Technology has Revolutionized Global Shipping 

In a world before PayPal it was harder for businesses to grow and reach customers around the world. It was unfeasible to think that we would have global payments that processed in minutes, like we do today. It’s expected that shipping will soon take a similar turn. The standards of global shipping are also changing. E-commerce companies that adopt new technology can go global in minutes and improve their ability to scale the company and boost revenue. Companies such as Fetchy have taken on the challenge of worldwide shipping. Fetchy offers an all-in-one solution that gives e-commerce sellers the platform they need to deliver packages around the world with minimal fuss and confusion. 

They also provide global fulfillment services, allowing you international businesses to act domestic, by stocking their product in the country they wish to sell in and then using domestic carriers to ship at the going rate.

Without these clear shipping prices, sales can come to a halt and customers will abandon a business, eating away at the potential profits of a fledgling company. Before the shipping technology platforms came along, companies had to spend hours researching the best shipping solutions for them, as well as understanding the regulations of the destination countries. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an ultimate magical solution that everyone can use. That would mean spending hours researching the best options, and even having separate accounts with different couriers which would make tracking packages quite difficult. Even after doing all of this research, it was still likely for businesses to ship products worldwide and get hit with a hidden fee or cost.

The transparency of services such as Fetchy allows e-commerce sellers to understand the total costs of shipping and the options they have. This creates flexibility for customers and allows them to choose the cheapest, fastest, or just best value shipping option for them. Customers love choice and the hate having to pay unexpected costs.

Always Think on a Global Scale 

Creating products and opening an online store to sell them is just the first step in the journey. E-commerce sellers must also leverage all the available resources and solutions for reaching potential customers. It has now become standard to rely on technology to market to customers, create an online store, and process online payments. 

Technology has now come to shipping, allowing e-commerce sellers to solve one of the biggest problems of running an online business. Technology gives them the potential to sell around the world. E-commerce sellers should embrace technology, transparency, and the global mindset to scale their business worldwide and deliver products to customers no matter where they are.

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