The 3 Must-Have Tools for eCommerce Sellers

Sarah Fedida
Fetchy Digital Manager. Always here to share with you the best infos
September 9, 2020

The ecommerce world is a large andcompetitive one. If you want to succeed when selling online, you need to takeadvantage of the resources at your disposal and leverage them in your favor.These resources include a plethora of third-party tools that make lives easierfor ecommerce sellers.


Online selling is something of a jugglingact, between managing inventory, pricing, marketing, and more, all whileefficiently fulfilling orders. Not to mention taking care of customers.Automating as much of the process as possible certainly helps. Here are thethree must-have tools for any ecommerce seller.


1.    Fetchy forShipping

Shipping is the heart of an ecommercecompany. Without a good shipping tool on your side, you can’t fulfil orders andsatisfy customers. Shipping is also the field that will take you most of yourtime and kill most of your margins. There are many shipping tools to choosefrom, but Fetchy is one of the best around for domestic and internationalshippings.


Fetchy tackles the issue of global deliveryand shipping by offering a simple and scalable solution that grows alongsideyour business. Fetchy provides an all-in-one solution that offers the platformyou need to deliver packages across the world without any problems. Customersexpect to be able to buy what they want whenever they want it, from anylocation. You have to be ready to accommodate that need and open yourself up tothe global market. That’s where a shipping provider comes in.


Fetchy allows you to seamlessly integratethe service with online marketplaces and stores to get set up in seconds andfind the best shipping rates around. They can provide such great prices becausethey have partnered up with a range of different couriers from around theworld. This gives you much more choice when choosing the right shipping foryou. There are other shipping platforms, but not many can offer services on thelevel of Fetchy.

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2.    MarketingTools

Marketing is another vital part ofecommerce. After all, people can’t very well buy from you if they don’t knowwho you are (or what you’re selling). The right marketing tools put you infront of the right people at the right time. People have an almost endlessamount of choice when it comes to buying the products they need online. If youdon’t have good marketing then you’ll lose out to people that do.


There are many choices when it comes tomarketing. There’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads, social media marketing, and goodold fashioned SEO, just to name a few. There are entire marketing platformsbuilt around these different channels. When starting out a business it’srecommended that you use a handful and see what works well for you.


A key part of marketing is analytics. Youneed to know what marketing tactics are working and what isn’t working. Thishelps you establish more successful marketing campaigns and save money onwasted efforts.


3.    WebsiteBuilder

Every business needs a website. There’ssimply no getting around this fact. If you don’t have a website then you mightas well not be in business. Of course, it’s not enough to have a website byitself. You need a well designed one that works great and doesn’t drive customersaway.


A good website building tool helps withthis tremendously. A good tool is equipped with everything you need to puttogether a solid website designed around your brand. There are a few differentfree and paid website builders out there. For the best experience you shouldconsider investing in a paid one. You want to invest in making your businessthe best it can be, including the website that powers it.


If you don’t want to mess around with awebsite builder and putting together your own website, you can always hire aprofessional to take care of it. Just keep in mind that this is more expensivethan making your own website. They may also just be using the same tools thatyou would be if you did it on your own.


Fetchy is providing full and easyintegration with Wix, Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, Magento and WooCommercetechnologies.



There are many tools you can utilize as anecommerce seller. The three essential tools that every business needs is ashipping provider, marketing tools, and a website builder. For shipping atleast, the solution is obvious. Fetchy have many connections with couriers whocan deliver your goods at a fair rate to your customers. Build yourself a goodwebsite, connect with a great marketing provider, and let Fetchy take care ofmanaging your orders.

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