The Ultimate Guide for Packaging Flat Works

Tamara Buck
Fetchy Team
September 9, 2020
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If you sell paintings on your ecommerce platform, it is
crucial that not only your artwork is packed to perfection, but that it is safe
in transit.


There is nothing worse than having a customer who waits for
days for their beautiful painting, and when it arrives, it is damaged.


This Ultimate Guide is designed so that you never have to
face such disappointments again, and I urge you to follow!


High Quality Packing Tape

It is absolutely essential that high quality packing tape is
used to pack your artwork. Low-quality tape is prone to breaking and losing its
stick! As a result, high-quality tape will not only ensure that the outer pack
will remain secure throughout transit, but also when used internally, it will
ensure the moisture is kept out!


Furthermore, high-quality tape is likely to come with a
dispenser which will make it much easier and faster to apply.

Bubble Wrap

that an adequate amount of bubble wrap is being used. It is surprising just how
much protection this material provides. Not only does it distribute pressure
and impact and impact across a wide area, but it also cushions the art in the
event of impact and prevents unwanted movement by filling empty space. For
these reasons, we recommend bubble wrap to be the filler of choice.

Corner Protectors

Corner fillers are especially essential for flat artwork, as
this type of art is much more prone and vulnerable to damage than any other.  Cardboard corners protect the artwork against
such damage. You can buy these corner protectors ready-made from many art
stores or supply shops, or simply make them using your DIY skills!  A quick search on google will help you out
with this!

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Foam Boards

For safe packaging, it is necessary to provide firm and sturdy support for all flat artworks. Foam boards are ideal and advised for this purpose, and can be bought in most art supply stores, in many thicknesses, individually or in bulk. We advise a minimum ½” thickness, as a way to protect any potential damage in transit.

Cardboard Box

Two-ply or three-ply is crucial for proper protection during transit.


it is important to label the product with the above sticker, and make sure you point this out to the man collecting to goods to ensure he/she is aware that the goods are fragile. The bigger this sticker is, the better! Made sure the shipment label and this sticker are “face up” on the box, to help the carrier to keep your shipment as upright as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you are concerned about spending money on quality packing supplies, always bear in mind that buying cheap packaging materials could end up costing more if your artwork gets damaged.

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