What to Look for When Choosing eCommerce Shipping Software?

Sarah Fedida
Fetchy Digital Manager. Always here to share with you the best infos
September 9, 2020

The online retailindustry is a highly competitive one. So much so that no Web shop can survive –let alone thrive – without the right shipping software solution in place. Fastand effective shipping is the lifeblood of the industry after all. There are lotsof different choices out there when it comes to ecommerce shipping. Thefollowing is a guide on what to look for when choosing ecommerce shippingsoftware for your business.

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1.    Pin Code/Zip Code Reach

You need to assess howmany zip codes the shipping software covers. The more zip codes in their reach,the greater your potential market. You don’t want to have to turn customersaway because you can’t ship to them.


2.    Shipping Rates

The shipping rates arean important part of any shipping decision. You need to find a supplier withreasonable shipping rates that allows you to ship to all customers. Keeplooking, and you may find an ecommerce shipping software that offers discountedrates. At Fetchy we are working with a lot of domestic and international shippingcompanies in order to find for you the best price for every new order. You cansave more than 50% on regular rates.


3.    International Shipping

The ecommerce marketis a global one. You want to have a global shipping solution that can help. Youwant to choose software that makes it easy to handle international shipping andreach a global audience.


4.    Can you Ship with Multiple Courier Partners?

It would be great ifyou could ship with the right courier for a particular market. This issomething that is possible with automated shipping software. At least, as longas you choose one that allows you to ship through several providers.

Indeed, at Fetchy wefind the best shipping conditions depending on the address of the sender andthe recipient. We can combine working with several companies for one specificorder in order to maximize your saving.


5.    Can you Estimate Shipping Rates?

Let’s say you wereinterested in shipping a package, but you weren’t sure if you could afford it.A good ecommerce software solution has options to let you calculate shippingrates ahead of time. Having an estimate of how much it would cost to ship apackage helps you make the right decision.


6.    Is Bulk Shipping Available?

If you happen to be awholesaler then you will rely on bulk shipping. The reason you got ecommercesoftware was to automate the process and have everything done for you in a fewclicks. So, as a wholesaler, you want one that can support bulk shippingoptions.


7.    Can you Integrate Your Website/Marketplace with the Platform?

Selling online meansselling through a platform. Whether you sell on Amazon, Shopify, or somewhereelse, you get your orders from a third-party. You need to make sure thesoftware you choose can be integrated with your chosen selling platform.


Fetchy allows you tointegrate your store in one click and for free if you’re working with thefollowing technologies: Shopify, Etsy, Wix, Ebat, Magento, WooCommerce…


8.    How Much Does it Cost to Use?

You should find asoftware platform that lays out how much it costs upfront. You want to find asoftware platform that has different plans to choose from so you get the bestdeal for your needs.


Here we are free andthat’s cool for you!


9.    Do they Handle Return Orders?

Like it or not, returnorders are a part of the ecommerce world. There will come a time you need tohandle return orders, so you want to choose a software platform that lets youdo just that. Ideally, the cost for returning items is cheaper than the costfor forwarding them. This can save you a good amount of money.


10. Do they Offer Data and Analytics?

How many of yourcustomers safely received their orders? How many orders did you dispatch in aday? These are just some of the numbers you need to have constant access to. Youshould also be able to keep track of how long it took deliveries to be made,how many deliveries weren’t completed, and more. This data and analytics willhelp you make informed choices.


11. Is the Ecommerce Shipping Solution Scalable?

You may be a smallbusiness now, but you’ve got plans for the future. You need to find a softwaresolution that can support those plans. You need to find one that can be scaledalongside your business, going from supporting a simple operation to a fullenterprise.


12. How is Their Customer Service?

Can you contact thesupplier when you have questions or concerns? Do they work hard to keep thingsrunning smoothly? If they can be contacted easily and work hard to keep thingsgoing smooth, they are a good supplier indeed. Look for an ecommerce shippingsoftware that has a great track record of customer service.



There are lots ofthings to consider when choosing the right ecommerce shipping software. Youneed to choose a software that is able to get the job done effectively, at adecent rate, and with a proven track record for customer service.


Fetchy has alreadybeen chosen by thousands of clients for being a free tool with no subscriptionand no minimum monthly. If you want to know more about Fetchy, schedule here a5-min call with our shipping expert team.

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